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Ahead of Print policy

Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

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1.  Internet usage among pregnant women for achieving health information: A review article
1.  Effect of an eye care protocol on ocular surface disorder in patients hospitalized in intensive care unit
2.  The effect of spiritual care on the Body image of patients undergoing amputation due to type 2 diabetes: A randomized clinical trial
3.  Relationship social cognitive theory concepts to dietary habits of pregnant women, are getting care in Isfahan health centers
4.  Postgraduate nursing students’ expectations of their supervisors: A qualitative study
5.  The effects of mental health training program on stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy. Isfahan, Iran.
6.  Studying the needs of family caregivers of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a qualitative study
7.  Evaluating the Neonatal Intensive Care curriculum for nursing master’s degree: a qualitative study
8.  The effect of acupressure at Spleen 6 acupuncture point on the anxiety level and analgesic consumption of women during labor: A randomized single-blind clinical trial
9.  Evaluating the relation between perceived social support in first pregnancy with fear of childbirth
10.  Survey of Nurses’ Compliance of Hand Hygiene guidelines in Care of Cancer Patients in Selected Center of Isfahan City in 2016
11.  Hardiness and optimism in Iranian women with breast cancer
12.  The effect of acupressure on physiological parameters of myocardial infarction patients: a randomized clinical trial
13.  Comparison of the relationship between women’s empowerment and fertility between single-child and multi-child families
14.  Iranian nursing student-patient communication in medical-surgical wards
15.  Association between Outcome of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Demographic, Clinical, Injury Related Variables of Patients
16.  Determining the expected competencies for oncology nursing: a needs assessment study
17.  A Study of Self-Care Education Needs in Gestational Diabetes Tailored to the Iranian Culture: a Qualitative Study to formulate a Self-Care Guide
18.  Improving nursing students’ learning outcomes in fundamentals of nursing course through combination of traditional and e-learning methods
19.  Performance of ICU nurses in providing respiratory care
20.  Association between religious coping of each spouse with quality of life of his own and his spouse: A correlation study in infertile couples
21.  Performance of Healthcare providers regarding Iranian Women Experiencing Physical Domestic Violence in Isfahan
22.  Psychosocial Factors Related to Dietary Habits in Women Undergoing Preconception Care
23.  Evaluation of ethical attitude approaches in midwives and their relationship with their demographic features
24.  The Effect of Empowerment Program on Maternal Discharge Preparation and Neonatal Length of Hospital Stay
25.  Studying the relation between psychological well-being and body image in pregnant women who referred to Isfahan health centers during 2016
26.  The relationship between family functioning and academic achievement in female high school students of Isfahan, Iran, in 2013-14
27.  The effects of motivational interviewing on health status of patients undergoing hemodialysis
28.  Management experiences of civilian nurses in Iran-Iraq war: An historical research
29.  The effect of postpartum home care program on mothers’ knowledge about the health of the mother and the infant
30.  The barriers and challenges applying of the new strategies in the clinical evaluation for nursing student from the clinical teacher‘s viewpoint
31.  “Immersion in the Ocean of Psychological Tension”: The Voices of Mothers with Children Undergoing Hemodialysis
32.  Effectiveness of telenursing through phone consultation on level of depression and anxiety in family caregivers of patients with stroke
33.  : Assessing the effect of nursing care plan according “one care program “on quality of life in patients with atrial fibrillation in 2015
34.  Effect of hope therapy on mood status of diabetic patients
35.  Exploring self-care needs of pregnant women with gingivitis: a qualitative study in Iran
36.  The Effect of Social support Skill Training group intervention on Perceived Social Support in Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
1.  Improving and expanding the quality of emergency obstetric and newborn care services in rural areas of Cambodia