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Ahead of Print policy

Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

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1.  Effect of massage therapy on labor pain reduction in primiparous women: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials in Iran
1.  Effect of acupressure on early menopausal symptoms in women referred to selected health centres in Tehran within the period 2011-2012.
2.  Nurses’ experiences of caring for patients with different culture in Mashhad-Iran
3.  The Impact of a Neonatal Sleep Care Training Program on Nurses’ Knowledge and Performance in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
4.  Effect of an eye care protocol on ocular surface disorder in patients hospitalized in intensive care unit
5.  Assessing emergency nurses’ clinical competency: An exploratory factor analysis
6.  The relationship between Dignity Status and Quality of Life in Iranian End of Life Cancer Patients
7.  Assessment of Iranian nurses and emergency medical staffs in terms of CPR knowledge based on the latest guidelines
8.  Effect of face to face education, Problem-based learning, and Goldstein systematic training model on quality of life and fatigue among caregivers of patients with diabetes
9.  Title of the article: Effect of nurse telephone Follow-up on the self care of diabetic children in Isfahan in 2014
10.  Determining the effect of Communication Program on the Psychological Distress of Elderly Patients with Cancer referring to Selected Centers Affiliated to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2015
11.  Point of view of nurses about parentsæ needs; Comparison with that of parents in neonatal intensive care units
12.  Factors related to womenæs childbirth satisfaction in physiologic and routine childbirth groups
13.  Barriers to midwives climb to professional management positions in Isfahan university of medical sciences & selected Iranian universities of medical sciences in year 2015.
14.  The Effects of Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management on Nursesæ Job Stress
15.  Effect of Fordyceæs happiness program on stress ,anxiety and depression among the patients undergoing hemodialysis
16.  A Comparison of the Effect of Education through Video versus Demonstration on Fear of Falling in Nursing Home Residents of Mashhad, Iran
17.  effects of group cognitive behavioral therapy on stress, anxiety and depression of women with multiple sclerosis
18.  Informal Caregivers’ experiences of caring of MS patients: a qualitative study
19.  The Effect of continuous care on the lifestyle of patients with multiple sclerosis: a randomized clinical trial
20.  The effect of new model PREPARED on obtaining informed consent skill in Midwifery students of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences
21.  Risk factors of heart diseases in nurses
22.  Comparison of the effects of face to face training and e-learning on the maternal fatigue in the post partum period
23.  Evaluating the Effect of Lifestyle Education Based on Health Belief Model for Mothers of Obese and Overweight School-age Children on Obesity Related Behaviors.
24.  Assess the effect of communication between family and patient on the Incidence of delirium in hospitalized patients in cardiovascular surgery ICU of Isfahan shahid chamran hospital in2013
25.  Relationship between differentiation of self and attitude towards interprofessional relationship between physician and nurse in hospitals (Isfahan/ Iran)
26.  Application of the Transtheoretical model to identify physical activity behavior in women
27.  revise: Changing beliefs and behaviors related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in vulnerable women: a qualitative study
28.  The Process of Transition to Hemodialysis: a Grounded Theory research
29.  The effect of interactive text message follow up on health promoting lifestyle of patients with acute coronary syndrome after discharge from cardiology ward of Chamran Hospital of Isfahan in 2016
30.  social problem-solving, dysfunctional attitude and risk of substance abuse in students living in dorms
31.  Claims about medical malpractice resulting in maternal and perinatal mortality
32.  The Effect of Date fruit Consumption in Late Pregnancy on the Duration of Labor in Nulliparous Women: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
33.  The effect of spiritual care on the Body image of patients undergoing amputation due to type 2 diabetes: A randomized clinical trial
34.  Patient safety culture in intensive care units from prespective of nurses
35.  Ethnographic Exploration of Empowerment to improve Elderly Residentsæ Quality of Life
36.  Dietary Practices and Nutritional Profile of Female Nurses from Government Hospitals in Delhi, India
37.  Effectiveness of back massage on sleep pattern among Patients with congestive cardiac failure.
38.  Investigating the relationship between womenæs body image and unconsummated marriage
39.  Sexual dysfunctions in menopauseand its relationship to coping strategies in postmenopausal women referred to Isfahan health centers in 2015
40.  The Effects Of Acupressure On Pain Severity In Female Nurses With Chronic Low Back Pain Working In Isfahan Selected Hospitals
41.  “ The effect of the implementation of the Alexander technique on enjoying the sense of motherhood in the postpartum period
42.  Effect of kangaroo care combined with music on mother –premature neonate attachment
43.  Comparision the effect of Auriculotherapy and vitamin B6 on of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
44.  Effect of environmental and behavioral interventions on pain intensity in preterm infants for heel prick blood sampling in the neonatal intensive care unit
45.  Note to health team about what accompaniments of the patients undergone gynecological surgery should know: a qualitative study
46.  Information Processing in Nursing Information Systems: An Evaluation Study from a Developing Country
47.  Comparison of the effect of massage and breastfeeding on response to venipuncture pain among hospitalized neonates in NICUs of selected hospitals of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
48.  The influence of educational plan caring in total parenteral nutrition on infectional indexes of admitted infants in neonatal intensive care unit.
49.  Challenges of nurses empowerment in the management of patient aggression: A qualitative study
50.  Comparing the Effect of Echinacea with Chlorhexidine Mouthwash on the Microbial Flora in Intubated Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit
51.  Clinical outcomes of high risk infant follow up program in a tertiary care center
52.  Evidence-based draft guideline for prevention of midwifery malpractices based on referred cases to the forensic medicine commission and the medical council from 2006-2011
53.  The effect of peer support on adherence to the treatment regimen of patients with hypertension A randomized clinical trial study
54.  Do psychosocial factors predict readmission among diabetic elderly patients?
55.  Compare the effect of topical application of rosemary and menthol on musculoskeletal pain in hemodialysis patients
56.  The effect of emotional intelligence training on self-efficacy in women with multiple sclerosis
57.  A qualitative study on negative emotions triggered by breastfeeding; describing the phenomenon of breastfeeding / nursing aversion and agitation in breastfeeding mothers.
58.  Factors associated with reporting medical errors in midwives working in hospitals of affiliated to Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in year 2015.
59.  : Effect of Interactive Computer Game on quality of life children undergoing chemotherapy
60.  Assessment of the relationship between spiritual and social health with to self- care ability of elderly people referred to community health centers in Isfahan in 2016
61.  Iranian pediatric nurse’s experience: The facilitators of the learning of ethical practice
1.  Educational needs of women in relation to postpartum religious orders
2.  Sexual knowledge and attitude of the girls getting married referring to Yas pre-marriage counseling center
3.  An interprofessional education pilot study for nursing and speech- language pathology students